Nowadays, too many people watch too much television. Even the children are sitting in front of the television for hours on end because a lot of parents feel that the television is a good baby-sitter. Because television is such a huge part of our society, many fail to realize the benefits of a television free household.

Promotes Bonding Time

When a household is television free, there is more opportunity for bonding with everyone in the family. People will talk to one another and actually do activities together. The television will not get in the way of causing people to isolate themselves. Parents will spend quality time with their children, which is much better for child development. Couples will also get to spend quality time with one another, which is good for enriching the relationship.

Children Can Learn to Use Their Imagination

When a household is television free, children have more of an opportunity to be creative and use their imagination. They will not have the television to do it for them. They can plan with one another, create their own games, and even come up with their own stories.

Save On Electricity

When a house is television free, there is more of an opportunity to save on electricity. When the televisions are not running, electricity is saved. Without the televisions in the house, there is no chance to run electricity.

Save Money

When there is no television in the house, a whole lot of money is saved. Just think of how much money will be saved when a cable or satellite bill is not being paid.

Television does not have to be the center of one’s life. Television does not have to baby-sit the children, and it does not have to get in the way of parent and child bonding and relationships between couples. Television free is the way to go.

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